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Brilliant and Inspiring

Such a great podcast, being a motorcycle fan I loved the Scott Richardson episode, so inspiring listening to people’s stories and proving what is achievable with a positive mindset... Kaija is a fantastic host.. Loved it 👍


My new favourite podcast! Really interesting, engaging guests with fascinating stories to tell.Kaija is a great interviewer who gets them to really open up. Highly recommend a listen!


Very uplifting and inspiring interviews - highly recommend listening

Inspirational podcast

Listened while training for the London Marathon, the there very inspiring stories kept me going and focused on the goal.

Barbara from Norfolk

What an amazing story Mandy really went through the mill but her will to change her life was strong - what a treasure !

Mandy Ogunmokun’s story

A very moving account of how Mandy overcame a long history of abuse and neglect to get clean, get her life back and inspire and support others who have had similar experiences. Kaija skilfully manages to navigate the listener through Mandy’s extraordinary journey and how she ultimately stepped out of the madness of addiction and how her faith has been the bedrock to Mandy’s recovery. Not everyone makes it through addiction, but Mandy’s story offers hope and love for others struggling with this terrible disease. It is a tough listen at times, but if Mandy can make it, the the least we can do is listen to her story.

Waiting with baited breath

Really looking forward to hearing the episodes with Kaija!