July 21, 2021

Sean Jeffreys

Sean Jeffreys

Former international drug smuggler turned counsellor to the rich and famous, Sean Jeffreys spent his twenties in and out of European jails. After years smoking everything from dope to heroin, he got himself clean, secured a place at University and now works with celebrities, footballers and High Net Worth individuals to break their own abusive habits.

Sean spent his school years as the class clown, before a friend introduced him to weed. From there he progressed from a social habit to a full blown addict, ending up homeless and living in the woods. But he's proof that anyone can turn their life around, as he now lives in Thailand, working as the Clinical Lead for a world-class rehab facility. He discusses the moment his life changed, what he'd tell his younger self and who will play him in the Hollywood Blockbuster! 
* Warning: there is some swearing in this episode.
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